In 2023, BadStar Studio required a presentation design aligned with corporate branding for their D&AD Festival Speaker Proposal on sustainability. We successfully crafted the requested design for them.
What was the brief?
The team is focused on centralizing the presentation theme around 'space,' drawing inspiration from the website's intro animation. Their consideration involves incorporating images of galaxy scenes and ensuring a coherent colour palette for visual consistency. While acknowledging concerns about potential busyness and distractions, the team believes that strategic design decisions can effectively control and elevate the overall visual impact. Emphasizing the importance of impactful visuals, they are contemplating creating their own images, exemplified by a vibrant colour race, to showcase their creative photography skills.
What did they think?
"The presentation was well-received, and we are grateful for the support from Good Luck 2 U"

Founder of the Badstar Studio
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