The Middle East team at Kimm Agency tasked GL2U with spearheading their healthcare professionals (HCPs) campaign for 2022, with an aim to gain market share from competitors by differentiating Seretide PRD as a practical solution and increasing brand visibility.
What were the facts?
In a landscape of competitive brand positioning, Seretide stands out by infusing practicality at the patient level, a stark departure from the theoretical claims propagated by its competitors.
The practicality challenge is underscored when questioning the viability of treating chronic inflammation at will and the prevalent dispensing of 95% of MART prescriptions with SABA. Delving deeper, the practicality of patients being the primary decision-makers in assessing and adjusting their asthma treatment comes into question. Similarly, the feasibility of healthcare professionals (HCPs) investing substantial time educating patients about intricate regimens, and patients grappling with devices they may not understand, raises practicality concerns.
Seretide responds by championing practical solutions. Through practical device customization, Seretide empowers patients to optimize their doses with ease. The emphasis on practical affordability underscores the brand's commitment to ensuring effective asthma management is within reach for everyone.
These facts illuminate Seretide's distinct positioning as a brand that not only comprehends the challenges faced by patients and healthcare professionals but actively addresses them with tangible, user-friendly solutions. Seretide doesn't just claim practicality; it embodies it at every step, redefining the standard in asthma care.

What is the rationale?
Seretide's "Turn On Life" concept is grounded in practicality, symbolized by on-swipe button imagery, offering asthma patients a switch to a more liberated daily experience.
Freedom On: Empowering patients with practical device customization, Seretide turns on the freedom switch, allowing tailored asthma management for a more personalized and liberating approach.
Control On: Challenging the impracticality of ad-hoc inflammation treatment, Seretide's practical dose optimization turns on the control switch. It's not just about control; it's about informed, precise control at the patient's fingertips.
Confidence On: Ensuring practical affordability, Seretide turns on the confidence switch, making asthma control accessible. No more complexities—just a straightforward, user-friendly path to confidence in managing asthma every day.
In essence, "Turn On Life" with Seretide is about practical empowerment—a switch to freedom, control, and confidence in the daily journey of asthma management.
How did we collaborate as a team?
The campaign is more than a strategy—it's a collective embrace from the incredible Kimm Agency Middle East Team! We united talents from Dubai, London, and Istanbul, creating a synergy that transcended borders. Under my leadership, we harnessed our diverse skills to craft three distinct creative approaches.
Pooling insights from the science team, our creativity took flight as we conceptualized, strategized, and designed. As the lead designer, my role was pivotal in shaping the visual narrative. Special applause to Gokce Hunal for the copy and Nihan Kutlu for the video, for injecting their unique creativity into the idea.
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