Emla, a topical anaesthetic cream, stands as an easily accessible solution, effectively numbing the skin without the requirement for a prescription. In mid-2022, Emla in the United Arab Emirates aimed to elevate brand awareness through the deployment of web banners and paid ads featuring new visuals with a creative approach. Collaborating with the Kimm Agency Middle East team, we successfully orchestrated and executed the project.
What posed a challenge?
Emla serves as an anaesthetic solution for various applications, including numbing the skin before medical needle procedures, tattoo applications or removals, and certain cosmetic procedures involving needles or lasers. 
Suitable for use by individuals of all ages, from full-term birth, the challenge lay in crafting an idea that would resonate across a broad age spectrum and address different demographic segments, spanning cosmetics, medical applications, and children.
What was the solution?
The slogan, 'Just Smile and Skip the Ouch,' encapsulates the core purpose of Emla Cream — delivering a pain-free experience. 'Just Smile' encourages a positive and carefree attitude, reassuring users that with Emla, there's no need to fret about discomfort. The phrase 'Skip the Ouch' directly confronts the common concern of pain associated with various procedures, reinforcing Emla cream as a dependable solution for a painless experience. 
This approach, combining a casual, friendly tone with a clear promise of pain relief, aligns seamlessly with Emla's brand image of offering accessible and effective solutions for a diverse user base.
How did we collaborate as a team?
Our approach centred on cultivating a collaborative environment conducive to the flourishing of creative concept slogan alternatives during dedicated brainstorming sessions. In my capacity as the Senior Art Director, I assumed an active role in steering the idea generation and creating the visual process. Subsequently, Gokce Hunal, a highly skilled Creative Director, adeptly translated these ideas into refined slogans and taglines, thereby exemplifying the seamless synergy and collective creativity inherent within our team.
Following the approval of both the concept and designs, the graphic designers diligently finalized the project. Their efforts were focused on iterations encompassing various banner and ad sizes, ensuring a meticulous and comprehensive execution of the envisioned campaign.
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