J├╝lyet Vert, a member of a family that embarked on jewelry craftsmanship in Istanbul in 1937 and has continued for three generations, created the Juliette brand in 2015. In her workshop in the Grand Bazaar, she tells stories inspired by the endless wellspring of inspiration from Istanbul and the city's timeless spirit. Initially capturing the attention of leading retail chains in Turkey, including Beymen, Juliette decided to expand globally by the end of 2023, and our paths crossed here.
What was our purpose?
At Juliette, our aim was threefold: to boost consumer engagement, reach out to stakeholders abroad, and enhance the enduring charm of the brand. Recognizing the need for a fresh design and communication approach, we sought to seamlessly translate the simplicity imbued with historical echoes found in her jewelry into captivating visuals on social media and corporate communication video.
In the social media designs, we aspired to achieve a harmonious fusion of studio and everyday photos, creating a comprehensive and unified visual narrative.

Drawing inspiration from iconic locations such as the Grand Bazaar and Princess Island, which have deeply influenced Juliette, we successfully integrated these textures into the corporate video. Our journey unfolds with a commitment to telling the timeless stories woven into every piece of Juliette jewelry.
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