The Chronic Kidney Disease Awareness Campaign is a distinctive initiative led by Pfizer Germany and executed by the Kimm Agency Europe Team. In a united effort, we have curated an impactful awareness campaign under the compelling theme 'FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE!' in 2022.
What were the facts?
CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) is a condition that can impact anyone, with those having diabetes and high blood pressure being particularly vulnerable. Shockingly, statistics reveal that the risk factors associated with kidney disease are often underestimated. Compounded by the fact that CKD can progress with subtle or no symptoms, it frequently goes undiagnosed and untreated. To address this critical issue, it is imperative to raise awareness and encourage more individuals to undergo kidney screenings. By doing so, we can tackle these challenges head-on and ensure early detection and intervention for better kidney health.
What was our solution?
In addressing CKD, a predominantly symptom-free disease, our patient profiles showcase outwardly healthy individuals. This deliberate choice is aimed at highlighting the underlying risk of CKD, emphasizing that it can affect individuals of any age or background. Our conceptual framework revolves around creating awareness and persuading individuals to undergo screening by presenting compelling facts. Central to our strategy is the identification of high-risk groups, with a specific emphasis on the interconnectedness of CKD, diabetes, and hypertension. Each concept is encapsulated in a branded call-to-action statement, succinctly summarizing our approach and guiding more individuals towards prioritizing kidney screenings.
What is the rationale?
The conceptual framework emphasizes the critical role of kidneys by juxtaposing them with another vital organ—the heart. Through diverse profiles and various risk groups susceptible to CKD, the concept sheds light on the multifaceted nature of this health concern. The imagery of the "hands-on waist" in each profile serves to visually anchor and emphasize the kidneys' position within the body. In a clever play on words, the phrase "keeping at heart" is employed to underscore the significance of raising awareness about kidney health, drawing a parallel to the vital role of the heart and urging individuals to prioritize their kidney well-being.
How did we work as a team?
The campaign feels like a big group hug from the incredible Kimm Agency Europe Team! We pooled our talents from various locations such as Berlin, London, Istanbul, and beyond. Leveraging our diverse skills and expertise, we crafted a super cool awareness initiative. After gathering insights from the science team, we let our creative juices flow and developed the concept, strategy, ideas, and designs. As the lead designer, I played a pivotal role in shaping that idea! Let's also give a round of applause to Gokce Hunal, the Creative Director, for infusing her creativity into the idea copy.
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