offers a variety of massage oil blends, soaps, and expert advice to assist modern families seeking a traditional approach to alleviate the stresses of pregnancy and contemporary living. In 2021, our paths crossed, and we elevated the website design, presenting a fresh new perspective for branding through illustrations.
What was the brief?
The brief outlined the need for a cutting-edge and user-friendly new website and mobile design, distinguished easily from competitors, all guided by the principles of the corporate identity. The task also involved the creation and animation of illustrations for products and all ingredients in our distinctive style. Additionally, the brief included the development of special illustrations tailored for online banner spaces, enhancing the overall visual appeal and engagement of the website. ​​​​​​​
After diving into competitor analysis and pinning down our creative must-haves, we whipped up a mood board for illustrations and website vibes, complete with sample pages. Once we got the thumbs up, we sprinkled some illustrative magic to round off the website design, filling in all the cool spots we had in mind. Cheers to hitting those creative milestones!
What did we deliver?
MotherlyLove's vision came to life through a vibrant array of offerings: a responsive website design that adapts seamlessly, a mobile version tailored for convenience, bespoke illustrations to add a personal touch, online banners that grab attention, and dynamic motion graphics for an extra touch of flair. These elements collectively contribute to an engaging and visually captivating experience that aligns perfectly with the essence of MotherlyLove.
What did they think?
"GL2U has truly elevated our website design, helping us achieve our ambitious goal of presenting a fresh new perspective for branding through illustrations."

Co-founder and director of the MotherlyLove
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