Budz initiated CBD oil production in Canada, crafting special products with high-quality hemp plant components to promote balance. Collaboratively, GL2U undertook the creation of branding and packaging for the 2019 launch.
What was the brief?
Budz embarked on crafting specialized products with premium hemp plant components to enhance balance. The brand sought a modern, trustworthy, eco-friendly, sophisticated, and youthful personality. Their values centred on health consciousness, environmental awareness, and a desire for sophisticated products. The deliverables included creating a versatile Budz Logo for both print and digital formats, diverse packaging designs for various product categories, and a comprehensive Brand Style Guide outlining guidelines for logo usage, colour palette, typography, and overall brand presentation.

What did they think?
"At Budz, we are thrilled with the outstanding work accomplished by GL2U in crafting our modern, trustworthy, and eco-friendly brand. The project, encompassing the creation of the Budz Logo, diverse packaging designs, and a comprehensive Brand Style Guide, truly captures the essence of our sophisticated and youthful brand personality. The illustrations impeccably reflect a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity, underscoring GL2U's deep understanding of our project objectives. Their ability to strike a harmonious balance between our brand's personality, values, and visual elements is commendable. Kudos to the GL2U for a job well done!"

CEO & Founder, Budz
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