In 2020, acknowledging the necessity for a shift, Sidney Hotel London, backed by 20 years of expertise, initiated a transformation to harmonize its brand with a rich legacy. Together, we crafted a fresh brand identity, seamlessly merging roots with modernity. This evolution featured a new logo, extending across print, digital documents and website design, reflecting Sidney Hotel's commitment to a timeless yet contemporary image.
What was the brief?
Sidney Hotel, with its illustrious 20-year history in hospitality, sought a comprehensive Visual Identity Development initiative. The goal was to revitalize its image by creating a contemporary visual identity that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity with a long-term vision, loyalty, guest experience, and trust. This encompassed a redesign of colour schemes, typography, and design elements, with a key focus on crafting a distinctive and versatile logo that embodies Sidney Hotel's rich heritage.
What did they like?
Our proposed solution resonated with Sidney Hotel's values—long-term vision, loyalty, customer experience, and the trust earned through two decades of expertise. The integration of the 'S' symbol as a compass icon in the logo perfectly encapsulated the personal route, experience, and trust that Sidney Hotel aims to deliver. The simplicity and solidity of the design aligned seamlessly with the hotel's commitment to excellence, creating a visual identity that not only reflects its history but also positions Sidney Hotel as a beacon of hospitality in the modern era.
What did we deliver?
Our dedicated team brought Sidney Hotel's vision to life through a comprehensive suite of deliverables:
Logo Design
Crafted a distinctive and versatile logo, merging the solid simplicity of the 'S' symbol into a compelling compass icon, embodying Sidney Hotel's legacy and commitment to excellence.
Corporate Identity
Developed a cohesive and consistent visual identity that encapsulates the essence of Sidney Hotel, ensuring a seamless and recognizable brand presence across various touchpoints.
Corporate Stationery
Designed a suite of stationery, aligning with the redefined corporate identity, to enhance professionalism and leave a lasting impression in every interaction.
Responsive Website Design
Created a visually engaging and user-friendly website that adapts seamlessly to different devices, providing an immersive online experience for guests and stakeholders.
Mobile Website Design
Tailored the website for optimal performance on mobile devices, ensuring a smooth and intuitive browsing experience on smartphones and tablets.
Online Banners
Developed visually compelling online banners that reinforce Sidney Hotel's brand message across digital platforms, enhancing visibility and engagement in the online space.
What did they think?
"To help us achieve this vision, we were introduced to Begum Kose, the founder of Good Luck 2 U. Through numerous meetings, Begum has completely redesigned our brand with a new logo, monogram, and digital and print designs, creating a modern yet warm visual identity.

As a new extension of the Sidney brand, we have diversified into Apart Hotels, for which she is currently in the process of creating a new brand identity. Her creativity, passion, adaptability, and commitment to exceeding customer expectations make her the ideal designer for any organization."
Director of In-House Operations, Sidney Hotel

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