In 2019, Beko unveiled its cutting-edge PractiClean Vacuum Cleaners with PerformCyclone technology for the European market. SidebySide Creative Agency spearheaded the launch preparations, resulting in the successful execution of the campaign.​​​​​​​
Emotional connection
Make peace with the mess
This phrase resonates on an emotional level, acknowledging the universal truth that messes are an inevitable part of daily life. By encouraging users to "make peace" with the chaos, the slogan speaks to the shared experience of facing everyday spills and dirt. It suggests a shift in perspective, transforming cleaning from a chore into an opportunity for tranquility.
Effortless Convenience
Instant cleaning with a press
This part of the slogan emphasizes the core benefit of PractiClean Vacuum Cleaners – effortless and immediate cleaning. The use of "a press" highlights the simplicity of the cleaning process, positioning the product as a convenient solution for busy individuals. The word "press" implies ease and quick action, emphasizing the product's user-friendly features and advanced technology.
In summary, the slogan aims to create an emotional connection with the audience by acknowledging the challenges of maintaining a clean space while highlighting the PractiClean Vacuum Cleaners' unique ability to bring instant relief with just a simple press. It not only communicates the product's functionality but also speaks to the desire for a more harmonious and stress-free approach to household cleaning.
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