Established by Corc Vert, Güneyli Jewellery stands as a prominent jewelry brand within the Grand Bazaar, proudly spanning two generations. In the early months of 2023, the brand embarked on a journey to infuse their family heritage into a new logo and corporate identity.
What was the brief?
In their pursuit of rebranding, the family aspired to crown and embrace the legacy of Corc Vert in a new logo. Through in-depth deliberations involving over 10 creative alternatives, a unanimous decision was reached on the ultimate logo design. This pivotal choice marked the inception of a comprehensive brand transformation, encompassing everything from corporate identity design to signage and jewelry boxes.
What did we deliver?
Breathing life into Güneyli Jewellery's heritage, we meticulously curated a comprehensive suite of deliverables that encapsulates the essence of the brand. Our journey unfolded through the creation of a distinctive logo that serves as the emblem of the brand's rich history. We extended this narrative seamlessly into a thoughtfully crafted corporate identity, ensuring a cohesive and resonant visual language. The brand story unfolded across corporate stationery, embodying elegance in every detail. Packaging design became a canvas where tradition met contemporary aesthetics, encapsulating the spirit of Güneyli Jewellery. Signboards and interior concepts were conceived with precision, reflecting the brand's identity in every corner and creating an immersive experience for all who encounter it.
What did they think?
"Our family is thrilled with the transformation of Güneyli Jewellery. The new logo, corporate identity, and packaging design perfectly embody our heritage. Our spaces now radiate the true essence of our brand. Thank you for such an exceptional journey!"

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