Pleiades is a local olive oil brand, producing in the picturesque town of Bodrum, Milas. At the beginning of 2023, they decided to expand into new markets by increasing production through various investments, and that's where our paths crossed.
What was the brief?
Differentiating from other olive oil brands on the shelf by conveying quality and attention to detail through packaging - Steering clear of cliché images like olive tree, olives, and Bodrum, and ideally creating alternatives to the typical green colour.
CONS - Facing stiff competition with numerous high-quality olive oil producers in their region. The solution lies in visually distinguishing themselves from others in the market.
PROS - Thankfully, they have chosen the brand name Pleiades, providing us with a guiding star for navigating our way through infinity.
Why do they like it?
They enthusiastically embraced the concept of directly featuring the Pleiades star cluster, allowing us to craft a narrative that extends from the tree trunk's subtle touches to the celestial realm. Our approach to olive oil packaging, diverging from the typical green tones, harmoniously met their design brief.
What did they think?
"This process was quite new and lengthy for us. We collaborated with two different designers on initial drafts, but not satisfied with the final results, our search led us to intersect with GL2U. Within two weeks, we successfully delivered our print documents to the press. She has been supportive in every aspect we needed, from the day we first discussed ideas to the day we received our prints from the press centre. I recommend GL2U's expertise, creativity, and quick solutions to any new brand entering the industry."

Co-Founder, Pleiades
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